About Us

Karen Bown

I started my career in swimming at a very young age, competing with the Millville YMCA Marlins. 

When I started teaching my son to swim I quickly learned that teaching your own child may not be the best idea. So off to the Brigantine Aquatic Center we went. It was a wonderful decision! My son started on the team at the age of 5 and my daughter at the age of 3 1/2. They simply love to swim which has brought me back into the swimming world. 

Since they joined the Brigantine Green Heads swim team I joined by becoming their Team Manager, which quickly lead to becoming a Middle Atlantic Swimming Meet Director and Administrative Official. 

Then came becoming a Stroke & Turn Official and an Operational Risk/Safety Director. 

I have lost count on the number of meets I've ran, hosted, or just heped out at. I train many teams on how to use their Team Unify websites, Meet Mobile apps, and Meet Manager software. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like a Meet Director/Admin Official, Operational Risk/Dafety Director, or you need some training.